LSU Football in Tiger Stadium

Baton Rouge Sports

In Baton Rouge, sports are not only a part of the city’s culture, but they’re a part of life. Louisiana’s Capital City is home to numerous activities and sporting events, ranging from children’s and adult leagues to collegiate and professional teams. Residents of all ages can participate in a wide range of league sports that are available year-round. Popular sports in Baton Rouge include football, baseball, softball, soccer and basketball. For athletes who prefer something different, area recreation clubs offer group activities such as karate and martial arts, mountain biking, rugby and Zumba.

The area’s golf courses provide a challenge for novice and advanced players, and runners can participate in the area’s popular running clubs that hold events throughout the week, as well as special events like themed 5k races. With more than 180 parks, residents have plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors with their families. The region also offers specialty sports facilities, including a large beach volleyball complex.

College football is a beloved pastime in the Capital Region. Between the Louisiana State University Tigers and the Southern University Jaguars, Baton Rouge sports fans have many athletic events to choose from. Combined, LSU, Southern University and nearby University of Louisiana at Lafayette are home to more than 40 athletic teams that compete seasonally, as well as numerous recreational teams that hold games year-round. Many of these collegiate teams compete and win among the nation’s best. Residents can also travel about an hour southwest to watch professional teams such as the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Pelicans.