Comite Trail

Outdoor Activities in Baton Rouge

Louisiana’s Capital Region is a paradise for those seeking outdoor activities. Baton Rouge boasts more than 200,000 acres of protected land between several wildlife management areas and national wildlife refuges. The landscape includes both bottomland and upland hardwood forests offering extensive hikes into nature for photography, wildlife viewing or just to enjoy the outdoors.

In addition to the popular hiking destination Tunica Hills, the Capital Region also includes a portion of the Sherburne Wildlife Management Area. The wildlife management area is managed by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to create a large complex with numerous recreational opportunities in a state and Federal partnership. The complex sits between the Capital Region and Acadiana, providing convenient access to a variety of outdoor activities from cycling and mountain biking to boating and hiking.

For those in Baton Rouge who prefer outdoor activities on the water, boating and paddling opportunities can be found throughout the Capital Region, especially on the three rivers with the national designation “Natural and Scenic” – the Amite River, Tickfaw River and the Comite River. The Amite is a popular boating and tubing destination north of Baton Rouge. Tickfaw provides miles of scenic travel from Mississippi, through the Capital Region and into Southeast Louisiana and Tickfaw State Park where it terminates in Lake Maurepas. The Comite River is a right bank tributary of the Amite River, with a confluence near the city of Denham Springs, east of Baton Rouge.

Residents looking for outdoor activities in Baton Rouge can also find plenty of boating and fishing locations not far from their front doors. Bass and bream are among the common species fished, and popular fishing locations include Palomino Park, Doyle's Bayou, Blackwater Conservation Area or the many smaller bayous located throughout the area.