Baton Rouge Nightlife



Baton Rouge nightlife is one of the best in the region.

The area has a diverse range of bars and clubs for people of all tastes.

Every night it’s a different scene, with live music shows, DJs, concerts, comedy shows and more.

If you want to get out of your house but don’t feel like going too far away from home, Baton Rouge nightlife is the perfect option for you!

I love Baton Rouge nightlife because it is always very entertaining. There are lots of nightclubs, bars, and live music clubs that are great!

Dance and groove to the beat of Louisiana’s Capital Region

Live music is present throughout the region, featuring everything from one-man acoustic performers and rockin’ dance bands to national acts and indie favorites that frequently stop for shows along the New Orleans-to-Houston circuit.

For a more laid-back kind of night, the Capital Region is home to some of the top restaurants in the South that feature award-winning chefs and a wide variety of food, from upscale tapas and gourmet Italian fare, to authentic Greek establishments or traditional south Louisiana cuisine at community treasures like St. Gabriel and Livonia.

Home to a variety of eclectic neighborhoods in areas with unique styles all their own, the Baton Rouge nightlife provides quirky amenities and fun within walking distance of any residence. In the Perkins Road Overpass area, residents enjoy restaurants from charcuterie to Thai, and live brass band music at local music venues or downtown’s free “Live After Five” weekly outdoor concert series each fall and spring.

After dinner, residents often head out to enjoy a glass of wine at one of the region’s many wine and dessert bars, enjoy a show at the Manship Theatre or dance the night away at a local dancehall or club.

Live Music & Nightlife near Campus

The presence of a large university adds some college town flair to the nightlife in Baton Rouge, offering one-night performers, lecturers and music on campus that are open to the public. The area around Louisiana State University’s campus is bustling with great restaurants, pubs and sports bars, plus live music and theater.

An Evening of Art in Mid-City

It’s easy to venture out to enjoy a night of art in the Baton Rouge area. Multiple events like Mid-City Art Hop and White Light Nights draw thousands throughout the year as residents sip wine and tour galleries along Government Street, which runs through the heart of Mid-City Baton Rouge and is set for an urban redesign to make it even more pedestrian and bicycle friendly by the end of 2015.

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