Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra

Baton Rouge Music and Art

The Capital Region is one of Louisiana’s best kept secrets when it comes to the fine arts. In Baton Rouge, music, art and live entertainment are featured through a blend of big city shows combined with the region's unique sense of culture. Not only a center for local music and art, the city attracts musical acts and art exhibits from around the globe.

Downtown Baton Rouge is a great place to find a combination of live shows and inspiring art exhibits. The heart of the capital is home to some of the largest entertainment facilities, including the Baton Rouge River Center, the Shaw Center for the Arts, the Manship Theatre and the Capitol Park Museum. Additionally, Baton Rouge is the official “home of the Swamp Blues,” where regular sightings of blues legends – such as Kenny Neal and Chris LeBlanc – are commonplace. The city’s love for blues becomes evident through the annual Blues Festival, one of the premiere music festivals in the nation.

Many artistic and cultural venues also seek to educate and inform in addition to entertain. The Baton Rouge Symphony educates youth on the importance of music in their lives; the education reaches between 7,000 and 12,000 children, from children in kindergarten to teenagers in their senior year of high school.

Everyone can access Baton Rouge music and art, from fans of Broadway musicals to those simply interested in southern culture. The arts are alive and well in the Capital City.