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Louisiana International Film Festival, a Hit with Casual Movie-goers and Film Buffs

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The Louisiana International Film Festival pairs entertainment with education by including a mentorship program, allowing Louisiana residents to participate in the state’s up-and-coming film industry. Through interactive workshops that take place throughout the festival weekend, held in the spring in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, participants can learn new skills, listen to lectures and access early screenings of more than 500 films.

While the festival features Louisiana-centric films, many of the screenings offered were created abroad. This international industry, paired with Louisiana’s own talent, makes the Louisiana International Film Festival a hot spot for movie-goers and filmmakers alike.

The festival offers something for everyone and creates the opportunity for the state to develop a creative infrastructure for filmmakers, who are increasingly attracted to Louisiana thanks to one of the country’s best tax incentives for filming. The Louisiana International Film Festival is a natural extension of the state’s rapidly expanding film industry, which regularly brings hundreds of filmmakers, actors and other film professionals to the bayou state.  More than 100 productions can list the capital city as a filming location, including blockbusters such as “Pitch Perfect” and “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.”