Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra

Keeping Classics Alive at the Baton Rouge Symphony

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The Baton Rouge Symphony is a local organization composed of some of the most skilled orchestral musicians in the state. Founded in 1947, the Symphony holds the title of oldest arts organization in the region, as well as the oldest professional orchestra in Louisiana. Symphony musicians take pride in their ability to connect modern society with music that was written hundreds of years ago.

The Baton Rouge Symphony audiences can attend performances year-round through its nine-concert Masterworks Series and three-concert Chamber Series. The Symphony strives to give as many people access to the rich history and culture of classical music as possible, educating others and helping them develop their passion in music. The Symphony’s educational program, also known as the Discovery Series, reaches between 7,000 and 12,000 students annually. The Symphony also provides Baton Rouge youth with mentorship programs for grades K-12, giving students the opportunity to learn under the Symphony’s own professional musicians.

Photo Credit: Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra