Baton Rouge is a wonderful city to visit because of its rich history and culture. The city is home to the Louisiana State University, which made it a hub for culture and arts. The city has an interesting blend of American, African-American, Indian, Spanish, Native American cultures. Baton Rouge was also once considered as one of the richest cities in America.

Baton Rouge is also known for its diverse food choices - you can find food from all around the world! — Baton Rouge is a great place to visit. It has a lot of things for all ages and interests. Baton Rouge is a city in Louisiana and it's also the capital of the state. It was founded in 1817 and it's the home to LSU, Louisiana’s most popular university. Baton Rouge has a lot of places to visit, such as: the Louisiana State Capitol, Baton Rouge Zoo, LSU Tiger Stadium, and many more!

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Taylor Kelly

Baton Rouge has been my home for the past 10 years. I love living in Baton Rouge because it has everything I want. This is a perfect city because it has all the amenities that I need without any of the downsides of other big cities. It is small enough to avoid traffic and "big city problems," but also has plenty of entertainment, residences, restaurants, and cultures to choose from for anyone's taste.

Taylor Kelly